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Discovering Instagram-Worthy Spots in Monroe County, Wisconsin

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin, Monroe County offers an abundance of picturesque landscapes and charming locales that are perfect for capturing stunning Instagram shots to spruce up your page. From the Deke Slayton Memorial Space & Bicycle Museum to the iconic Ben Bikin’ statue in Sparta, there’s no shortage of unique backdrops.

Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or someone who appreciates small-town charm, Monroe County has some amazing spots and places that you won’t want to miss during your visit. Here are some of the most Instagram-worthy places to add to your itinerary.

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Grab your camera and phone, book your hotel, and embark on a two-day Instagram weekend adventure exploring Monroe County!

Day 1

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The perfect place to kick off your fun in Monroe County with some amazing outdoor pictures is Mill Bluff State Park, located in Camp Douglas, WI. The park is renowned for its dramatic sandstone bluffs that rise abruptly from the landscape, remnants of ancient glacial activity.

Here you’ll find several hiking trails, including a climb up Mill Bluff that rewards visitors with panoramic views from an observation tower. Each season brings beauty, from blooming wildflowers in spring to vibrant autumn foliage, making it a year-round destination for nature lovers and photographers.

Additionally, the park’s campground and picnic areas provide a peaceful retreat for extended stays, complemented by interpretive signs that highlight its rich geological and historical significance. Before heading off for a nice morning hike with your camera, stop into Smitty’s Overtime Inn in Tomah, WI for breakfast to get fueled up for the day.

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After your morning at Mill Bluff State Park, you’ll be hitting the road to venture to the next location. Cashton, Wisconsin, is about a 45-minute ride from the park, but the time on the road will give you the perfect tour through much of Monroe County, and you can snap some great pictures along the way.

Cashton is home to one of the state’s largest Amish communities, offering a glimpse into a lifestyle that values simplicity and tradition. Visitors can explore the scenic countryside, purchase handmade goods from local artisans, and enjoy fresh produce from roadside stands. Some great options for stops include Pasture Pride Cheese, County D Quilts, Grandmas Bakery, and more.

You will be sure to get some great shots around the Cashton countryside and the farms, but always remember to be respectful of the local Amish communities as they welcome you into their world.

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By evening, you should already have plenty of great Insta-worthy pictures from your adventures. Before turning in for the night, you’ll want to grab some dinner, and we recommend trying out the local cuisine. In the planning stages for your trip, you can choose to stay in Cashton for the night, book accommodations, and find a place to eat.

Or you can plan to drive to Sparta, WI, and book accommodations there, as Day 2 of the itinerary will kick off in downtown Sparta, saving you from having to wake up earlier in the morning.

Whichever you choose, there are great places to stay and wonderful spots for eating dinner. For example, in Cashton, you can enjoy a delicious supper at Badger Crossing Pub & Eatery, and in Sparta, the service at the Rite Spot Bar & Grill never disappoints.

Day 2

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Before jumping into Day 2 of your visit, you’ll want to grab some breakfast to fuel up again for the day. Ginny’s Cupboard in Sparta serves a great breakfast and is a wonderful local eatery, and Franklin Coffee House is another great option.

After breakfast, you’ll head to the heart of Sparta, WI, the “Bicycling Capital of America,” to see the iconic Ben Bikin’ statue, a larger-than-life sculpture of a high-wheel bicyclist. This charming and whimsical landmark celebrates the city’s rich cycling heritage and is a favorite spot for both locals and visitors. The statue, set against the backdrop of Sparta’s picturesque downtown, offers a perfect photo opportunity for cyclists and tourists alike. Whether you’re passing through or exploring the local trails, a visit to Ben Bikin’ is a must for capturing a unique and memorable snapshot of your time in Monroe County.

The next stop is the Deke Slayton Memorial Space & Bicycle Museum in Sparta, Wisconsin, celebrating the legacy of astronaut Deke Slayton and the town’s rich cycling history. The museum features fascinating exhibits on Slayton’s contributions to space exploration, including artifacts and memorabilia from his NASA career. Additionally, the museum showcases the evolution of bicycles and Sparta’s title as the “Bicycling Capital of America.” Outside the museum, a statue of Deke Slayton offers a perfect photo opportunity, making it a must-visit spot for capturing memorable pictures. With its unique blend of space and cycling history, the museum offers an educational and inspiring experience for visitors of all ages.

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For your final Insta-worthy stop of the trip, you’ll take a short ride to the Paul & Matilda Wegner Grotto in Wegner Grotto County Park. Near Sparta in Monroe County, the grotto is a folk art masterpiece ideal for Instagram-worthy photos.

Created in the 1920s, this whimsical site features intricate sculptures made from concrete and embedded with colorful glass, ceramics, and other materials. Highlights include a glass-encrusted church replica and a 14-foot-tall Peace Monument.

The vibrant mosaics and detailed artwork catch the light beautifully, offering endless photo opportunities. Each season brings its own unique charm, from blooming flowers in spring to snow-covered sculptures in winter, making the grotto a year-round destination for photographers and art lovers.

Share your photos with us on Instagram using #exploremonroecounty and tagging @exploremonroecounty.

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